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Music with a Greater Purpose

Bringing Individuals & Organizations together

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Sample Material

Take on the World

Gabrielle Solair

My Neighborhood

Nineteen Eleven Railway

Life is Good


Kaeleigh's Song

Blair Masters

High Roller


All American Country Girl

Chelsea Bain

Under My Skin

Atomic Blonde


Paige Armstrong

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Uniter's Mission




       At Uniter Media Alliance, it is our endeavor to always serve the needs of our clients to the best of our abilities. We deliver only what we feel is precisely in line with our clients' requests, no less. We strive to be efficient and consistent in the quality of our work. When the opportunity comes to be of service on short notice, we make it our priority to meet whatever need is presented, within our range of ability. At Uniter, the client comes first, and it is only our client's need and agenda that matters. It is our job to provide an excellent service to our friends in the television broadcast and motion picture industries, as well as other forms of progressive media. We are grateful for these opportunities and consider it our honor to contribute. 

       With regard to content providers and our friends on the publishing side, any and all opportunities we may provide for you are non-exclusive. You always retain 100% of your ownership rights. We respect your creative work and it is our desire to serve your interest as well as our own in a manner that allows us both to prosper. (for further details, please review our licensing forms)

Christopher Omartian

Steven James Wylie

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